The port city of Rotterdam!

  • 11225412_10200504294126498_252528503486581885_n  Rotterdam, on a Full Moon night!
  • The port city of Rotterdam!
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It will be a proud moment for us when we complete our second year of inception at our Rotterdam office this July. Over the last two years, our Rotterdam office has become a focal point of our growth story. This is a very critical phase for our Rotterdam operations, where we are just at a point of inflection from where we will grow exponentially. As Europe’s largest and the world’s fifth largest port, it’s been the centre of hustle and bustle of our global expansion drive. Most of our colleagues keep visiting our Rotterdam office on business trips. And this month, I got to visit the port city of Rotterdam and meet my colleagues there. The dynamic skyscrapers, vibrant shopping centres, stylish nightlife and hippy art, all made it a promising affair.

I work in a food company and no travel itinerary of mine is complete without exploring the local food culture of the place. At Rotterdam, it didn’t come as a surprise to me to find similar tastes adorning the Dutch food. The delicious Stamppot, made with roughly mashed potatoes and chopped veges or pretty much whatever you relish, is a healthier, Dutch version of the amchi Mumbai Vada Pav. We have been trading spices with the Dutch for over four centuries now. The flavour of the incense trade route is still fresh on the Dutch streets.

The Fietsstraat or the bicycle street and the cycle ride reminded me of my good old school days. The sprouting orange coffee shops caught my attention and I was inquisitive to explore the caveats that followed. Alcohol was prohibited but weed was served. Though the bill amount was very nominal, my colleague and me still decided to ‘Go Dutch’! Splitting the bill was our returning gesture to the Dutch, our sense of reverence to the Dutch. After all, they helped us save so many pennies while we went Dutch on our trendy college dates!

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