Take a chilled bite of IQF Strawberry Cubes

IQF Strawberry

There hardly exists anyone who doesn’t love the juicy taste and vibrant color of a strawberry. Rich in texture and loaded with numerous health benefit, Strawberries are also considered as a superfood.

The little red fruit is loaded with a plenty of nutrients and antioxidants that are very much essential for smooth functioning of the body. These nutrients also keep body away from various health complications and hazardous disease. For instance, vitamin C in strawberries is very much required to boost the immunity of the body and improving eyesight. It also helps to combat health complications such as cancer and slows down the aging process. Last but not the least, it keeps the level of cholesterol under control and regulates blood pressure of the body.

Sun Impex, a trusted IQF Strawberry Cubes supplier, makes sure that only premium quality Strawberry cubes reach the consumer. To achieve the same, only selected and handpicked strawberries are selected to process them into frozen cubes.

These cubes are processed from farm fresh ripened strawberries. The IQF Strawberry cubes are rich in all the essential nutrients. Our product has a rich natural sweetness and intense color, which is an indication of its high quality. Adhering to International food & safety standards and ISO standardizations, strict checks at critical points in the supply channel are employed along with stringent regulatory requirements.

The lip-smacking strawberry cubes are used in yogurt, cakes, garnishing, desserts, ice-creams and cocktails.

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