Strawberry – A Sweet Blessing



The sweet aroma and juicy taste of strawberries are loved by everyone irrespective of the age. Also, its red shiny color is captivating enough to attract anyone towards it. Not only are they rich in texture but they are delicious too. The above-mentioned qualities of this red fruit qualify it as a superfood, therefore, making it’s a perfect fusion of health and taste.

Strawberries are loaded with a plenty of nutrients and antioxidants that are very much essential for smooth functioning of the body. These nutrients also keep body away from various health complications and hazardous disease. For instance, vitamin C in strawberries is very much required to boost the immunity of the body and improving eyesight. It also helps to combat health complications such as cancer. It also slows down the aging process and keeps wrinkles away. Last but not the least, it keeps the level of cholesterol under control and regulates blood pressure of the body.

Sun Impex ensures that only premium quality Strawberry Pulp and Strawberry Juice Concentrate reaches the consumer. To achieve the same, only selected and handpicked strawberries are picked. They are then processed through various steps such as inspection, washing, crushing, and finally turning them into pulp and concentrate. Adhering to International food & safety standards and ISO standardizations, strict checks at critical points in the supply channel are employed along with stringent regulatory requirements.

After meticulously filtering it, it is packed with precision. The aseptic packaging unit brings extra quality, right from the raw material collection to the ripening chambers with the capacity of 200 MT per chamber and total 16 chambers.

The mouthwatering pureed strawberry is used in yogurt, cakes, garnishing, desserts, ice-creams and cocktails.

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