Pleasant, Warm and Sunny Summer of Netherlands

Pleasant, Warm and Sunny Summer of Netherlands

Summer has arrived in The Netherlands and these hot months of the country are a wonderful time. Apart from the change in fashion, lifestyle, food consuming habits, people of the country involve themselves into a plenty of other things too.

In the big cities of the Netherlands, the canals are filled with little boats, the parks are full of people picnicking and/or barbecuing. Also, the terraces of people host gatherings until late in the evening. The Dutch spend in joy and happiness every possible hour they have outdoors.

Holland is also a great host in summer. The Dutch organizes a cultural summer fair in the four big cities. For instance, Oerol on the island of Terschelling, a summer carnival in Rotterdam, etc.

Regardless of the cities of the Netherlands, the warmer months here are the most comfortable.  The summer here is also the most crowded, as many tourists plan their holiday trips during this time for the summer season is very soothing.

The chilled delicacies served in summer are really yummy. And of course, the hot season is incomplete without Mangoes, the king of fruits. Sun Impex understands the tilt of people towards mangoes very well. Thus, it is all set to export processed Mango products i.e. Pulp, Puree, IQF and Concentrate to various parts of the World.

The processed form of Mangoes is used to make Jam, Nectar, juice, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, yoghurt and confectionery. Sun Impex has to offer the processed mango products of varieties such as Alphonso, Totapuri, and Kesar.

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