One grain that feeds the world

The steaming rice lay in front of me, unguarded and vulnerable. My senses were constantly pricking me to be quick in tasting the saffron coloured delight. And lo, out of nowhere my sister dashes in, like a hungry predator to claim the reward. No matter what I did, that bowl of rice was hers now and she was gobbling it.

No, it wasn’t a contest for a bowl of rice. It was a contest for that inimitable taste feeding the world –grain after grain. Just like salt, rice feeds the richest and the poorest alike, without any discrimination.

Rice, I believe, is a symbol of an idea that mirrors our world because there’s no food more universal than rice. It comes in various colours, varieties, cooked in 500 different ways and most notably connects humanity in a bond. Whether it’s the exclusivity of appetite arousing Basmati rice or the simplicity of small grained rice, you are always in for a treat. That is precisely what motivated us to introduce rice through Sun Impex B.V. into the European market.

Haven’t we eaten rice for long? But ask people to describe the taste and they might return you a very nonplussed look.

What does rice taste like? Ummm…kinda sweet, nutty, or – grainy, or maybe plain …a mix of all that, I guess. But I feel, beneath its bland exteriors, rice hides an unfathomable taste that will always remain a mystery. The more I experiment with it, the more versatile this grain gets for me.

And when I complain about life’s daily grind, though comfortable and away from the destitutions of what life can actually do – I picture that happily singing farmer sowing rice in the paddy fields, from dawn to dusk in sweltering sun without a furrow creasing on his forehead. While I eat a spoonful of rice, I silently thank the farmer, whose backbreaking labour feeds the world with a marvellous grain.

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