IQF Pineapple: The Chilled Blend of Sweetness and Tart

IQF Pineapple

Pineapple or Ananas Comosus is a tropical fruit and is widely preferred for its unique taste which balances the taste of sweetness and tart. Crammed with nutritious vitamin C, Pineapple is indigenous to local Paraguayans in South America. Local Indians spread it to the South and Central America and also to the West Indies. A sincere gratitude to European sailors for spreading it to rest of the world.

The pulp of pineapple is fleshy as well as juicy with its stem supporting its fibrous core. The outer skin is known for its rough & tough features. Most of the Pineapples measures up to 12 inches in height and weighs 1 to 8 pounds or sometimes even more.

Because Pineapple helps in keeping cancer at bay, takes care of the Heart and offer our body ample amount of health benefits, a majority of people have started consuming Pineapple daily. Some take pineapple in its original form while some make Pineapple salad before gulping it down. Others, especially kids, have found a delicious yet healthy way of consuming Ananas Comosus. They gobble Pineapple down in the form of cakes & pastries. These tasty delights not only serve their sweet tooth but also bless them with oodles of health benefits.

Sun Impex, a reliable agro-products exporter, flourishes the world with the chunks of Costa Rica pineapple or Golden Pineapple. They are fresh and highest quality Pineapple available in the market. Being one of the best tropical fruit, it amazes everyone with its taste.

The IQF Pineapple chunks can be used in different forms like juice, slices and chunks in cakes, tarts, jam, yogurt, ice cream, glazed ham, piña coladas and even Hawaiian pizza.

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