IQF Papaya – The Frozen Package of Taste and Health

IQF PapayaPapaya has been blessed with various nomenclature. Some call it tree melon while some adore calling it pawpaw. Papaya is renowned around the globe for its rich cum unique flavor. A papaya benefits our body in numerous ways. It is unique because it is the only fruit in the entire world, which is somewhat bitter and a lot sugary in taste.

Papaya infuses in our body a whopping 144% of daily recommended value of vitamin C, which aids in fighting infections and boost antioxidants in our body. Along with keeping the love organ i.e. Heart healthy, Papaya also keeps the digestive and immune system healthy. Fruit lovers around the world surely include it in their diet plan because of its digestive, nutritional, and medicinal properties.

If one looks forward to getting premium quality IQF Papaya Slices or Dices, then Sun Impex ensure that the search ends with its excellent quality offering.

Sun Impex B.V. brings forth IQF papaya dices that are processed from farm fresh ripened papaya fruit. The IQF papaya dices are flavourful and rich in all the essential nutrients. Our product has a rich natural sweetness and intense colour, which is an indication of its high quality.

With no additives and brix ranging from Min. 7- 9 deg., IQF Papaya by Sun Impex has a shelf life of whopping 18 month from the date of manufacturing. The IQF papaya dices offering is of best quality and is exported worldwide.

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