If Peach is Good then Peach Pulp is Better

If Peach is good then Peach Pulp is Better

Considered as a very cute edible, Peach is an oval-shaped fruit that has golden yellow skin and similar colour flesh. Peaches are native to China, from where they spread to rest of the globe. Interestingly, the peach tree grows up to 25 to 30 feet tall and due to several cultivars of peach around the world, their color and size vary.

Generally, peach measures between 7-10 centimetres in diameter and around 130 to 160 gm. in weight. It is also blessed with a velvet like outer surface and depending upon the seed, they are broadly classified into two categories.

• Free-stone variety: The pit is easy to remove.
• Clinging Stone variety: The pit requires extra efforts to remove it.

Peaches are a good source of vitamins A, C and fibre. They are also very less in calories and contains no saturated fats. Vitamin A in peaches protects the body against lung and oral cavity cancer. They are also packed with potassium, fluoride and iron, which are required for regulating heart rate, prevention of dental problems and formation of red blood cells respectively.

Sun Impex ensures that only premium quality Peaches are processed to turn them into pulp. Thus, only selected peaches are picked, which are then processed through various steps such as inspection, washing, crushing, and finally turning them into pulp. After the filtering process, the peach pulp is packed in aseptic packs and drums.

The processing of peach fruit into pulp at Sun Impex helps in increasing its shelf life and can be utilized in making jams, jellies, smoothies, pies and other confectioneries.

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