Glimpse of food culture: The Christmas platter around the world!

We have gone busier, our work keeps getting bigger and families smaller but Christmas still remains the most celebrated holidays of the year. We all make it point to join our families on this day to eat, drink and be merry! It doesn’t matter then – the distance, the time, the trouble spent in being with our loved ones.

Everything vanishes when family members from different generations get together on the Christmas table – share their joys, experiences, legacy, family tales, jokes and laughter. Though food is one, if not whole part of the entire Christmas revelry. It is the ‘chief’ element that connects us all this while and is more diverse than one can imagine.

Sun Impex understands this food diversity and brings an interesting reflection of the same. Here are few Christmas culinary traditions that are part of food cultures around the world.


Wish you all a Season of Good Cheer & Merry Christmas!

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