Exporting fresh cashew nuts from India to Europe from Rotterdam office

A new cashew export centre has been inaugurated by Shimla Hills at Kollam in Kerala, India. Shimla Hills is the manufacturing collaborator of Sun Impex. We are elated as our first cashew consignment from Kollam reached our Rotterdam office recently.

After thorough contemplation we took a plunge into a relatively competitive cashew territory in Europe. With few glitches initially, the market response we received was phenomenal. Carving our niche in the market was tough, but we began with the smallest level of buyers. We have been particularly successful in capturing the predominant nut roasting industry here.

Local sourcing and in person quality check gives us an edge over others. Our cashew centre at Kollam uses AFI quality standards. This gives our products internationally benchmarked export quality and better market penetration. We are thrilled at the prospects of being able to offer premium quality cashews, at competitive prices, to fulfil increasing market demand.

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